Dear premiere Carpets,

Could I please get a quote for new carpet for an 3 bedroom apartment in Rose Bay. Do you do existing carpet removal and installation as well and can you please advise on your availability to do the work as soon as possible? Could you please advise on any warranty?

I would like a durable speckled carpet to withstand a few tenancies (property will be rented out). The space is a three bedroom unit with rooms 3.2x 3.3, 3.6x 3.2, 4×3.6 and living room 5.6 x 3.9 and a hall way. Two rooms have built in robes. Cost is a very important factor for us as we intend to renovate the apartment in the coming years but need to update the current carpet for renting purposes.
I am currently overseas (hence foreign number) but my family members are available to attend the property for quoting purposes.

Thank you very much.

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